Laurence Knowlton
Rye Beach home renovator

"As a professional, I would highly recommend David Booth. Our experience with David and Exeter River Electric and Exeter River Lighting Design has been excellent and spans the last 15 years. My wife and I have renovated several homes with a number of electrical service providers. David and his team stand head and shoulders over the competition in more ways than one.

We have learned just how important lighting choices can be, both in terms of curb appeal, and personal satisfaction. Bathing your home in subtle, effective lighting choices, both inside and out, is a skill and an art. We have used lighting experts from local suppliers, but have not had the kind of results that we were really looking for. David has managed to blend both his knowledge and experience in a way that has allowed for some really wonderful solutions to some difficult lighting situations. His creativity and understanding of our desired effect has worked out beautifully."


Pam Darlington
Exeter Public Library
Assistant Director/Systems Administrator

"We feel lucky to have had David Booth as our Lighting Designer/Electrician for five years. He has done all of our electrical work including repairs, renovations and additions, adding and/or repairing single lights, multi-light units, ceiling fans, smoke detectors and emergency lighting. He has designed a new lighting plan for our building and is currently implementing that plan.

Our 20-year-old, 18,000-square-foot building is three floors and had old-style hanging fluorescent units that give a dim yellow light. The building poses many different problem areas for lighting. There are tall, narrow book stacks that do not allow light penetration, sitting areas with very high ceilings where light seems to get lost, and dark, windowless work areas. At the same time, there are 30-foot window walls, which can sometimes add too much light to portions of the building.

Two years ago, David designed a new lighting plan for our entire building. Our goals were to add more usable white light to certain areas including book stacks, sitting areas, and work areas. We wanted light that would be conducive to reading, writing and working at computers – light that would be easy on the eyes and make people feel relaxed and comfortable. We also wanted to reduce the building’s electric consumption.

David is now installing the new light systems section-by-section. We now have new, beautiful, energy efficient lighting units above our circulation desks, in staff workrooms, above book stacks, and above sitting areas. The project is about half finished and we look forward to its completion. The light difference is incredible and we have had many positive comments from our patrons, as well as from the staff such as, "I can actually see the titles of the books now." The new, higher-efficiency fluorescent bulbs are much easier on the eyes. This helps the staff perform their tasks more effectively and makes for a better working environment.

David has done all the work to make this project a success. He understands the different types of light systems and he communicates this information well to those of us who are not lighting literate. David listens well and incorporates our ideas when thinking of solutions to our problems. He is always professional and gets all work done in an efficient and timely manner."

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