This is Bernie. He’s a friendly bear who came to Exeter River Lighting Design from the Adirondacks when he got lost one night and stumbled upon our porch.


David Booth, owner and founder of Exeter River Lighting Design, found Bernie the next day.

“Good morning little fellow,” David said. “My name is David, what is yours?”

The bear was scared.

“My…my…my name is Bernie,” the bear said. “I am sorry for sleeping on your porch but I got very lost last night and couldn’t find my way home in the dark. That’s when I found your porch here.”

David crossed his arms and thought for a second. It wasn’t everyday a stray, talking bear showed up on his doorstep.

“Well let me see if I can’t find something to help you find your way home” David said, “you wait right here, I will be back in a minute.”

Out came David with a lantern for Bernie, “Bernie the bear, you can take this so if it gets dark again you will be safe and able to find your way home.”

Bernie smiled and thanked David very much. Bernie went back into the woods to find his way home.

A few mornings went by and Bernie showed up on the porch again!

“Good morning, do you remember who I am?” asked Bernie.

“Yes, of course I do, are you still lost?” asked David.

Bernie laughed, “No, I have come back to ask if I can live out here.

Your porch is lovely and I want to help light the path right here by holding the lantern so no one will get lost around here again.”

David agreed and now Bernie and David are best friends.

The moral of Bernie’s story is that lighting is something that can comfort and relax you. Proper lighting is essential to guide you through your life.